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Penn Township is in the process of finalizing an ordinance that uses an overlay district called the MEO (Mineral Extraction Overlay District) to allow for high volume hydraulic fracturing, a heavy industrial activity, to occur in over 60% of the township.

The Mineral Extraction Overlay is unlawful; Penn Township should revise the ordinance to limit industrial oil and gas activities to the industrial zones. There is no indication that Penn Township first evaluated the impacts to water, air, human health, aesthetics and the other values protected by Article I Section 27 of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

The MEO District produces just such an irrational scheme by allowing a single type of industrial use – natural gas development – in otherwise non-industrial zones.

Residents of Penn Township say NO to the MEO!

Tell the local government to keep heavy industrial activity in industrial zones ONLY and away from our neighborhoods, homes, schools, daycares, and recreational areas.

Please sign the petition to let Penn Township commissioners know that WE SAY NO to the MEO! 

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